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Curriculum Press ebooks

How and where to purchase our ebooks

Google Play

Purchasing ebooks through your Google Play account allows you to download and read ebooks on most devices, such as eReaders, smartphones, tablets, iPod Touch and Android. Downloaded ebooks can also be read on your computer using software such as Adobe Digital Editions or any browser with JavaScript enabled.

More information on discovering, buying and reading ebooks can be found here, along with available support from the Google Play team.

Apple iBookstore

The iBookstore allows you to browse ebooks and other publications for download directly to your iPad, iPhone (3G or later) or iPod Touch (2G or later).

You can view our ebooks on the iBookstore by downloading iTunes or by using the iBooks app available through your Apple device.

ebook usage in libraries

Our ebooks are also available for download via Wheelers Books and OverDrive. This means they can now be integrated into your library management system. After registering with either of these platforms, you can then purchase ebooks for your students or library users to borrow.

For further details and to view our range, please visit:
Wheelers Books

Terms of Use for ebooks

Subject to use permitted under the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) our ebooks may be used only in accordance with the conditions of use accompanying the ebook, including being reproduced on five devices and displayed on a computer screen or whiteboard in the classroom, provided:

  • the source is acknowledged and the notice of copyright is retained
  • such use is for non-commercial purposes only; and
  • the ebook is not altered in any way.

Use other than specified above requires the prior written permission of the publisher. Requests and inquiries can be emailed to permissions@esa.edu.au.

Use permitted under the Copyright Act

The Copyright Act 1968 (The Copyright Act) allows a maximum of one chapter, or 10 per cent of the ebook, whichever is greater, to be reproduced and/or communicated by an educational institution for its educational purposes, provided that the educational institution (or the body that administers it) has given a remuneration notice to Copyright Agency under the Copyright Act. To find out more information about the Copyright Agency licence for educational institutions, you can contact the Copyright Agency here.

Copying of proformas

Teachers may make copies of the proformas in this publication for the purposes outlined, provided that: (1) the number of copies does not exceed the number reasonably required by the educational institution to satisfy its teaching purposes; (2) copies are only photocopied, not copied by electronic or digital means, and are not stored or transmitted; (3) copies are not sold or lent; (4) every copy made clearly shows the copyright line at the foot of the sheet. For those pages not carrying a copyright line, the normal copying limits of the Copyright Act as described above apply.